Noise Reduction

ModularWalls has been Salford University test and rated. Typically, you can expect up to a fourfold audible reduction in traffic noise — reducing noise up to 4 times the existing noise levels — keeping both the traffic and the neighbours at bay.

Using composite panel technology, ModularWalls is the ideal product for residential and commercial customers requiring more from their fence than just a visual barrier between properties, by providing an acoustic fencing and wall solution that typically reduces the transmission of noise by up to 20+dB or 4 to 5 times. These noise reduction qualities are especially appealing when looking to block out noise from neighbours and traffic.

The Human Perception of sound reduction is shown in the table below:

Change in Noise Level (dB)Subjective RatingSubjective Response
0No reductionNo Change
1 - 3Slight reductionPerceivable difference
3 - 5Moderate reductionNoticeable difference
5 - 10Good reductionUp to a halving in loudness
10 and moreExtensive reductionMore than a halving in loudness

Tested by the Salrod University, ModularWalls’ range of residential and commercial boundary walls have been specifically designed to provide superior noise reduction, achieved with our proprietary 75mm composite wall panel.

Proven to reduce noise, our residential Modular Walls may be constructed to heights up to 3 metres, using our AcoustiMax 75mm sound barrier panels. For commercial properties up to 9 metres in height, our GuradianWall sound-proofing panels offer exceptional results.

Depending on site specific circumstances, such as noise source and type, an average of 20+dB reduction in audible noise may be expected with our sound barrier panels.

For more information download our Acoustic Field Test and Airbourne Sound Transmission Test.