The GuardianWall is the ideal product for those clients seeking an industrial grade modular noise wall system that is far stronger and more durable than standard commercial grade solutions.

The modular wall system makes use of the hot dip galvanised steel beams that are typically employed for more rigorous construction applications by the building sector. This sets it apart from the lighter modular wall systems that are generally adopted in residential and commercial contexts.

The use of heavy-duty construction materials confers the GuardianWall with a level of durability far in excess of other modular walls. It has a +50 year design life, which means the owner can be reassured of its performance for at least half a century before the system will require maintenance inspections.

This enhanced durability makes the GuardianWall an excellent choice for large-scale industrial and civil infrastructure applications, where resilience and durability are deemed essential to long-term project performance.

In addition to its heightened strength and resilience, the GuardianWall can also be used in conjunction with a range of noise panels offered by ModularWalls, enabling developers to customise its performance to meet specific aesthetic and functional objectives.


  • Extra-tall wall heights
  • Ideal for extended design life requirements (+50 years)
  • Accepts multiple panel types
  • Customised components and finishes
  • Strong and durable
  • Can retain up to 750mm



Our proprietary AcoustiMax composite panel is our core panel solution. With fast installation, superior quality, excellent acoustic properties and designer finish, our AcoustiMax based modular fencing and walling systems are the ideal solutions for architects and designers alike.

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TerraFirm integrates the retaining wall/fence or boundary wall in one seamless design. TerraFirm retaining panels can be built into ModularWalls to accommodate retaining requirements without the need and cost of building a standard masonry retaining wall.

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Wall panel width75mm
Wall post widthUniversal Beam or Column
Wall panel depthUniversal Beam or Column
Wall heightup to 9000mm
Wall panel spans2440mm to 3040mm
Retaining depth750mm

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Projects Using GuardianWall

A smarter wall solution for ALDI supermarket

When the discount supermarket was looking for a smarter solution to shield the neighbouring residents from unwanted car park and loading dock noise, it enlisted the noise abatement leaders, ModularWalls.

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Cutting school noise following community concerns

The school was very swift to contact noise abatement leaders ModularWalls following complaints by neighbouring residents about the volume of noise emitted from their premise.

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