The EstateWall is a premium wall product designed to closely mirror the style and appearance of a traditional masonry structure, while still retaining the benefits of a lightweight modular system.

The steel posts of the EstateWall replicate the dimensions of a double brick structure, achieving a solid and grandeur appearance for roughly half the cost of a conventional masonry solution. As the largest modular acoustic wall on offer, the EstateWall provides developers with a striking yet easy to install building product that is ideal for use as a grand front wall, boundary wall, premium residential wall or acoustic wall.

In addition to reproducing the hefty appearance of a traditional masonry wall, the incorporation of the AcoustiMax75 panels into the EstateWall confers it with outstanding noise barrier performance, enabling it to effectively protect building occupants from the harsh din of today’s urban environments.

The EstateWall can also incorporate the TerraFirm panel to serve as a retaining feature, for a smooth, seamless appearance that is impossible to achieve with a stand-alone block retaining wall.

When it comes to aesthetic appearance, the EstateWall is an extremely versatile product that can be customised to match the architectural style of existing buildings. EstateWall lends itself to use with outdoor acrylic paints and surface rendering, and for both stylistic and functional ends can incorporate a wide variety of in-fill embellishments or add-on structures, such as lights, letterboxes, gates or timber slats.

From £112 per lineal metre (1.8m high)

  • Ideal for noise reduction
  • Easily mount a letter box into the post or panel
  • Add lighting and gates for secure boundaries
  • Add decorative slat infills if desired
  • Great in front wall design
  • Rated for all wind regions in the UK
  • Can retain up to 750mm (2.5kPa surcharge live loads)
  • Expressed joint option available


Standalone retaining

ModularWalls can be used as a standalone retaining solution for a variety of applications, such as planter box, corner block and more.


Integrated retaining

Keep a seamless look all along your wall all with an integrated retaining solution: no need for a strip footing anymore!



EstateWall Post

350 x 235 mm posts


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Wall post width350mm
Wall panel depth235mm
Wall heightUp to 3000mm
Wall panel spans2700mm
Retaining depth750mm

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Projects using ESTATEWALL

EstateWall’s trendy timber in-fill gives ‘wow factor’ to boundary wall

Homeowners seeking to create solid, aesthetically stunning walls on their property boundaries can do so for half the price of traditional masonry structures via the adoption of modular wall solutions.