• School Fencing

    ModularWalls products are completely customisable & offer superior noise reduction.

The security and privacy of schools, nurseries and educational centres is of the upmost importance. ModularWalls have been entrusted to complete 100’s of school fencing installations. Our strong & robust fencing design provides security, sound reduction & enables clients to customise their fencing system.

Customisable options are usually not considered when choosing a fence system. These options can play an important part in a child’s development. Bright vibrate colours can effect the psychology of a young child, making the child more alert which can lead to increased development. Child care facilities have opted to paint our wall system using multi colours & even black board paint enabling children to interact with something which is usually just a “school fence”.

With many school buildings located next to busy highways or railways. An external noise source is a proven detrimental factor in a pupils education, as concluded in the following report. Due to these affects & complaints of noise from nearby residential properties, more & more education centres are opting for acoustic fencing. All of our panels are acoustically rated. A ModularWall is the only fence system on the market which can cater for security, privacy, sound reduction, as well as customisable options which can enhance a child’s development.


School & Education Projects

  • Colourful, quiet and safe - a neighbour pleasing solution for a childcare centre

    A Nursery required an acoustic solution to shield their residential neighbours from the noise of the playground activities.

  • Playing in peace - a quiet childcare centre on a busy road

    A new childcare centre being built near a busy road required an acoustic fence as specified by the Council

  • TrendWall boundary fence provides noise pollution solution

    A project management company was in the process of building a childcare centre located near a highway and the architects requested the installation of a boundary fence with strong acoustic properties to prevent noise pollution

  • Cutting school noise following community concerns

    The school was swift to contact noise abatement leaders ModularWalls following complaints by neighbouring residents about the volume of noise being emitted from their premise



  • AcoustiMax

    • 2.4m Panel Spans
    • Fibre Cement / EPS construction
    • Lightweight
    • Acoustic Properties
    • Impact Resistant