• Boundary walls and fences

    ModularWalls provides better aesthetics and superior performance capabilities relative to traditional walls and fences - but at a more affordable price.

Typically, boundary walls and fences have been constructed from traditional materials and often not considered thoroughly as part of the overall project. Consequently, rendered brick or block is used sparingly due to the excessive cost, whilst timber and steel fencing doesn’t offer good return on investment due to short life spans – and can drag the overall aesthetic and amenity of the project down.

The ModularWalls range of composite post and panel solutions offers greater design flexibility and premium aesthetics throughout. Whether you’re trying to save on cost versus brick and blockwork without sacrificing the look, or upgrade the project’s permanent fencing for premium architectural aesthetics and better return on investment with significantly longer life spans, you can be sure that the tried and tested ModularWalls will contribute to the project value and exceed all performance measures expected of traditional materials.

Boundary Walls & Fences Projects

  • Playing in peace - a quiet childcare centre on a busy road

    A new childcare centre being built near a busy road required an acoustic fence as specified by Council as part of the application.

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    • Core solution
    • Panel spans up to 2.4 metres
    • Fibre cement/EPS composite construction
    • Lightweight
    • Acoustic properties