Playing in peace – a quiet childcare centre on a busy road

28 April 2017

A childcare business came to us looking for an effective acoustic barrier. Their new centre was being built on a busy road, and the council insisted that the project required some acoustic fencing to minimise the impact of noise. The company building the centre wanted a solution that would also keep the road noise out – so the children could play outside in a pleasant, peaceful environment.

We used our SlimWall system to create an effective, 2.1m high, two-way noise barrier between the playground and the road. As part of the project, we integrated a modular composite gate – a secure solution enabling easy access with the same look, feel and acoustic performance as the wall. The centre then finished the panels themselves, choosing bright, welcoming colours to appeal to the children, before using some special paint to create a giant blackboard for the children to scribble on!