Colourful, quiet and safe – a neighbour pleasing solution for a childcare centre

29 June 2017

Our client, a childcare centre, was looking for a way to protect their residential neighbours from lively playground noise. They wanted a colourful, fun and aesthetically pleasing wall that would both complement the existing playground and appeal to the children. The wall also needed to incorporate retaining functions in certain places.

Using a combination of our TrendWall and SlimWall systems, we created an integrated retaining wall and noise barrier, in a single, seamless design. The solution included a 2.1m high SlimWall with 500mm of retaining features and a 2.4m high TrendWall, an effective acoustic barrier around the boundary of the site to protect the residential neighbours from the noise. We then finished the wall in bright red, yellow and green to complement the existing centre.