Cutting school noise following community concerns

29 April 2016

When a school received noise complaints from the local community, it immediately took action and got in touch with our team. The school had originally been built in 1901, but had grown significantly. Neighbouring residents began to complain about noise from the playground and classrooms. The school wanted a maintenance-free wall that would fit in with the existing buildings and protect local residents from intrusive noise.

We created a 35m long, 4.5m high wall using GuardianWall, a durable, aesthetically-pleasing system, then fitted it with our AcoustiMax75 panels for maximum noise protection. With a 50+ year working life, the resulting wall provides a long-term, maintenance-free solution to keep the local residents happy. Before installing the panels, we painted the panels with a unique colour scheme to match the existing finish of the building and fit seamlessly into the surrounding area.