Protecting pedestrians and cutting noise at new bypass

28 April 2017

We were called in to deliver a dual-purpose wall, to separate a new bypass from a residential area. The project required a solution that would minimise road noise for the houses backing onto the bypass, whilst keeping pedestrians safe from the busy road. It was a big project (1.2 miles) that needed to be delivered on a tight deadline. To make things more difficult, no heavy machinery was allowed on the new road surface and access in places was very tight.

Using our high-performance, lightweight AcoustiMax panels, we delivered the project on schedule and the road opened in time. The lightweight nature of the panels enabled us to install the 1.2-mile noise wall using just a Hiab crane truck, without damaging the new surface in any way. The resulting 2.1m high wall provides a high level of noise reduction, and keeps the local residents away from the road.