Amazing pool area ideas for an English summer


Summer is approaching. Have a look at the below trends to seriously turn your garden pool area your very own summer oasis.  Is your current garden fence taking the whole mood down? Did you wish you you could do it all over again and turn the place into a magnificent peaceful garden oasis?


The glass boundary wall

Get the best of both worlds with a boundary wall incorporating glass infills. This stunning modern look will allow you to enjoy the surrounding view while keeping your pool protected from the wind.


The grand look

It can be difficult to keep a long boundary fence visually interesting – but not in this case: a tall wall and large posts coupled to majestic trees and a water fountain feature transformed this regular backyard into an impressive area that is sure to add value to the property and amaze friends and family.


The luxury look

This is probably one of the favourite projects we’ve been given to work on: we turned this pool area surrounded by a rusty metal fence into an absolute beautiful and luxury precinct, shielding residents from nearby noises thanks to the noise reduction property of our walls.


The privacy fence

Are your neighbours loud? Or do they tend to pick an eye over the fence every so often? A tall side fence is the perfect answer to keep your pool area private and peaceful for the whole family.


The backyard fence

Most swimming pools tend to lie in the backyard, causing noise issues with the surrounding neighbours. Modular Walls allow home owners to erect tall fences with acoustic reduction qualities to mitigate such a problem – the perfect solution to keeping healthy relationships with all your neighbours.


The midnight swim

Who said you could only enjoy your pool during day time? Add a few lights around the pool to create a gorgeous – and romantic – atmosphere and enjoy a late swim.


Did you say “wow”?

We’ve seen our fair share of pool area projects, and we keep being amazed with the creativity of some homeowners. Imagine a lap pool running right up along your house! A few decorative features on the surrounding wall and a wooden deck, and you’re all set for a striking effect.


The modern look

A popular request has been for a tall fence with enough space for adding  decorative plants and trees between the wall and the pool. A brick wall is rarely a good solution because of the costs involved and the need for a concrete block – however Modular Walls allows you to work on a budget with retaining capacities if needed to add planter boxes along the fence.


The gorgeous look

Can you imagine how the same area would look with a timber or metal fence? Not half as good! For half the price of a traditional brick wall, we’ve been able to deliver a near identical look and feel that fits perfectly within the owner’s vision.

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