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    Enhance the look of your property with a premium design and cost-effective residential garden walls and fences.


Premium modern design


Half the price of bricks


Super easy to install

ModularWalls UK is quickly becoming the preferred solution for residential garden walls and fences. The grand visual appeal associated with brick rendered walls can now be recreated at a fraction of the price. It’s not only faster, easier and less expensive to install, but visually provides the same high-end appearance.

Our walls can be installed in a variety of applications including Garden Walls, Acoustic Fencing, Front Walls and Retaining Walls. Installation is easy choose from a DIY kit or if you don’t have time or know how our Trade Partners will gladly install the wall for you.

It was erected within a day…have two people install the wall and you are good to go…it’s that easy!’ – Mandy Tennant, DIY customer

Contact us today for a quote and see how a Modular Wall can transform your outdoor space. We ship UK wide.




Garden Walls

Garden walls provide privacy, style and structure to your outdoor space while enhancing the look of your property.

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Front walls

A front wall is a prelude to your home and is where you make a grand and welcoming statement for visitors, family and friends.

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Premium Fencing

Who said a fence couldn’t look good? Our premium fencing solutions will separate you from your neighbours in style.

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Acoustic Fences

Acoustic fences reduce the noise from traffic and neighbours, providing peace and quiet to your home.

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Retaining Walls

In need of a retaining solution? Our walls stylishly integrate the retaining wall and boundary wall in one seamless design.

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Block Walls

Let your property shine from all angles and turn your home into a masterpiece with the perfect block wall.

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Feature Walls

Express your creativity and style with unusual textures, bold colours, stunning lighting and more.

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