• Noise Walls and Acoustic Fences

    Deliver high level and lasting performance with our ultra-high impact resistant, vandal resistant and durable walls.

Our range of composite, post and panel wall systems have proven acoustic properties suitable for a wide range of applications. Our noise wall and acoustic fence solutions are specifically designed for all climates.

A noise wall or acoustic fence – also referred to as a noise barrier, acoustic wall, sound wall, noise fence and soundproof fence – are utilised on various types of modern construction projects. At ModularWalls, we have carefully engineered our products to ensure performance criteria and design life are met, enabling peace of mind for designers, builders, developers and asset owners and maximising value and return on investment.

Noise Walls & Acoustic Fences Projects

  • Visuals meet acoustics to protect McDonald's restaurant from railway

    McDonald's at Sandgate required a wall to serve a dual purpose of sound attenuation from the bordering train line as well as provide visual security for both boundaries.

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  • Dual purpose wall needed for Ballina Bypass

    A newly constructed bypass required a dual purpose wall that provided a high level of noise attenuation as well as a barrier to stop pedestrians wandering onto or near the road.

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  • New Farm State School

    New Farm State School was quick to contact ModularWalls following complaints by neighbours regarding the volume of noise emitted from their premises.

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  • Corner block childcare centre

    A brand new townhouse development was situated adjacent to the childcare centre, and the architects had requested the installation of a boundary fence with strong acoustic properties.

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    • Panel spans up to 2.4 metres
    • Fibre cement/EPS composite construction
    • Lightweight
    • Impact resistant
    • Acoustic properties

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