VogueWall modular wall brings landscaping ideas to reality for stunning garden makeover

16 February 2018

Staggered VogueWall

The customer transformed their garden. Even though the brick wall included in their landscaping ideas was expensive and problematic for their yard conditions, she still desired the same premium look of a masonry boundary…and then, along came the VogueWall

What guided you to choose a modular wall system over other wall or fencing products?

In terms of fencing, we looked at quite a number of options including brick, modular and timber types of fencing.

In the end, we chose a modular as it was cheaper and quicker than a brick wall, gave the same great look, we didn’t need to go to council to get approved (as it was replacing an existing fence) and it didn’t have the same requirements for footings as a brick wall. We have sewerage pipes quite close to the wall, and a sewerage test point where the corner is, so building brick footings was going to be a problem.