Customised noise abatement solution for School

29 April 2016

Originally built in 1901, The School is at the heart of the local area and as such has a sense of responsibility to its surrounding community. The school was swift to contact noise abatement leaders ModularWalls following complaints by neighbouring residents about the volume of noise being emitted from their premise. It was important for the noise wall to accentuate the unique and historical features under pinning the school, whilst also being relatively maintenance free. Therefore it was a requirement that the noise wall did not require any painting.

With its ability to offer heights up to 9m and galvanised UB support columns, the ModularWalls GuardianWall was deemed most suitable for this project. GuardianWall also has the benefit of offering a more aesthetically pleasing finish as when compared to other commercial noise walls. Measuring 35 metres long by 4.5 metres high using the AcoustiMax75 panels, the wall successfully shielded neighbouring residents from intrusive audible noise.  The panels where painted in a unique and dynamic colour scheme that fitted in perfectly with the school and its surrounding area.

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