EstateWall’s trendy timber in-fill gives ‘wow factor’ to boundary wall

26 October 2016


Our client wanted to create stylish boundary walls that would complement the semi-timber architectural design of their home.

EstateWall was chosen for its impressive appearance and high level of adaptability, as well as its greatly reduced cost. It replicates the appearance and dimensions of a traditional brick wall, while still retaining the cost and installation advantages of a modular solution. It can also incorporate decorative features such as timber in-fills or iron grill fences, in order to enhance the aesthetic appearance of finished projects.

We created a striking, robust boundary wall with full-height sections of timber in-fill consisting of Cypress Pine battens. The mixed pine and masonry appearance of the finished EstateWall boundary fence fully complemented the striking architectural design of the property.


Because it is a modular product that does not require complex engineering or deep footings, time and labour was significantly reduced, resulting in a quick and easy installation which was around half the cost of a masonry structure.