TrendWall provides strong and stylish solution for retaining wall

4 October 2016

Our client wanted a retaining wall to help raise the ground level of their property. In addition to strong functionality, aesthetic appearance of the retaining wall was also a priority.

Instead of a traditional masonry solution, the owner opted to use the ModularWalls retaining panel which is capable of bearing up to 2.5kPA surcharged loads as a result of its internal reinforcing ribs. It was used in combination with TrendWall to create a highly-effective retaining feature with a clean, seamless appearance. TrendWall retaining panels possess an outer skin of clean, smooth fibre cement to emulate rendered brick – without the need to render.

The modular nature of TrendWall dramatically reduced installation times – instead of digging out strip footings required for a brick wall, the installers simply used individual footings for each post. This reduced the time needed for the retaining wall project from over a week to just a few days.