Retaining wall draws compliments from strangers

4 October 2016

The owner of this elevated residential property wanted a retaining wall to help raise the ground level of the property at its perimeter to approximately 0.75 metre above the adjacent roadside. The house itself is situated considerably higher than street level, so the owner wanted to avoid a steep incline within the property and achieve as flat a ground surface as possible. In addition to strong functionality, the owner was also concerned about the aesthetic appearance of the retaining wall.

Instead of a traditional masonry solution the owner opted to use the ModularWalls retaining panel in combination with VogueWall for the project. The panel is capable of bearing up to 2.5kPA surcharged loads as a result of its internal reinforcing ribs. It can be used in combination with VogueWall to create a highly effective retaining feature with a clean, seamless appearance. In the case of this project, the result was a sturdy retaining wall measuring approximately 1 metre in height, and running distances of approximately 60 metres. The modular nature of VogueWall dramatically reduced installation times; instead of digging out strip footings required for a brick wall, the installers simply used individual footings for each post. This slashed the time needed for the retaining wall project from over a week to just a few days. Another major advantage of ModularWalls retaining solution is its pleasant aesthetic appearance. Unlike traditional masonry solutions, VogueWall retaining panel possesses an outer skin of clean, smooth fibre cement to emulate rendered brick – without the need to render! The owner stated that he was extremely happy with the look of the completed retaining wall, and that it had even drawn compliments and queries from strangers driving past the property.

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