A good night’s sleep for supermarket neighbours

29 July 2016

kelly main

Noise from a busy supermarket loading dock was disturbing local residents late into the night, and the client came to us looking for a way to cut down the decibels for the benefit of its neighbours. After consulting with an acoustic engineer, they wanted a customised acoustic shield fitting to the top of the pre-cast concrete building. Having a product that could stand up to the wind and could be securely fixed to the edge of an existing building was essential.

Using a combination of SlimWall AcoustiMax50 panels and GuardianWall, we were able to create a 127m barrier, providing a noise reduction of 20+ dB (to the delight of the local community!). The GuardianWall was fitted with 900mm concrete sleepers for retaining, before using pre-finished SlimWall panels to provide the acoustic barrier. The client was really pleased with the finished product, which achieved its purpose and blended in to the existing structure perfectly.