The perfect accessory for architecturally designed home


A resident in Victoria was looking for an innovative boundary wall to seamlessly match their architecturally designed and recently built, corner block home. Creating privacy as well as maximising the use of their front yard space was critical. In addition, they needed the wall to double-up as a council approved swimming pool perimeter wall.

A newly installed VogueWall made a dramatic difference to the overall look of the home’s front façade, patio and pool area. Not only did the owners create privacy and maximise the use of their front yard space, but the overall capacity of the property is now fully utilized. Every square metre is a purposeful space to entertain and occupy. Because VogueWall has a smooth non-climbable surface on both sides, it provided dual purpose of being a boundary wall and pool perimeter wall. With the walls ability to offer customised design features, allowed for the decorative punctuated metal screens to be overlaid giving it a true designer finish.

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