Morph your pool into a magical paradise


It is the great Australian dream: to own a house in suburbia with a spacious yard, ideally accompanied by a generously sized swimming pool. Taking a refreshing dip in the backyard pool or basking by the water in the sun-drenched garden characterise a lazy Sunday afternoon for many pool owners living the high life. But while the great Aussie dream may have been realised, it’s not all rest and no work now, for the time has come to morph your garden and pool into a truly unique and magical space. If you’re a homeowner striving for something a little out of the ordinary, look no further! Be inspired with these creative pool ideas that will spice up your garden, and bring a little sparkle to an otherwise stock standard backyard enclosure.



Outdoor gazebos are a classic Australian addition to any suburban backyard. The covered space provides a peaceful reprise from the sun’s rays, whilst enabling you to relax in close proximity to your tranquil pool setting. For a gentle touch that brings an element of comfort, consider adding curtains or large cushions to your private gazebo. These homey features will help to soften the gazebo’s grand and sometimes imposing appearance within an otherwise calm and gentle backyard setting.

The purpose of a gazebo can be two-fold, serving as a location to unwind and recuperate, as well as a space to dine with guests. Add in a timber table setting, some outdoor lighting, and entertain guests to your heart’s content! There is surely no space more perfect than the gazebo to sit back, relax and enjoy a sweet and summer-inspired refreshing cocktail.



Are you tired of seeing your kids lounging on the living room couch, glued to their iPhones week in, week out? With the installation of a swimming pool slide in the backyard, kids will forget the existence of technology for hours at a time, and instead spend their days splashing in the swimming pool, creating lasting memories in the great outdoors. Who needs iPhones when spectacular wet n’ wild fun is on offer right in the backyard?

As the leading Australian distributor of quality residential slides, Aqua Action Slides can deliver slides to your doorstep. If you desire a personalised slide that fits perfectly into your backyard, some companies can offer custom slides to fit your precise backyard and pool requirements.




White cantilever umbrellas are generally poised on land, providing a shaded spot to rest after swimming a few laps of the pool. But why separate your shaded spot and your pool area, when you could combine the two and create some shade amidst the sun? Consider installing a pool umbrella that reaches over part of the water, enabling you to enjoy the refreshing water atmosphere whilst avoiding unpleasant burn from the scorching sun.

Various outdoor and home ware retailers offer pool umbrellas in different shapes and sizes and canopy colours.


Sculptures by the sea

As well as being a peaceful escape from the hurriedness of everyday life, gardens can speak volumes about a homeowner’s personality and individual preferences. A statue of two young girls frolicking in the outdoors may exude a whimsical, lighthearted energy, whilst a meditating frog sculpture would more likely reflect the homeowner’s desire for downtime and relaxation in their garden sanctuary. Weave your own unique spin into your garden space by selecting a statue that expresses the inner you.

Sculptural forms also create interest and variety amidst a sea of greenery. This idea is sure to differentiate your garden from most other backyards – it’s most unlikely that anyone else in the neighbourhood owns the same outdoor sculpture as you!


Cascade waterfall

Bring a touch of the tranquil wilderness to your backyard with a cascading waterfall feature. The meditative atmosphere created by a water structure will allow visitors to unwind, relax and seek some peaceful reprise from the busy occurrences in their daily lives. Serving as a key structural element in the garden, waterfalls create a focal point for visitors amidst a sprawling array of lush greenery. Amongst its many product offers, AstralPool sells cascade waterfalls that will provide the perfect finishing touch to any size swimming pool.



When you’re weary, feeling small, build your own bridge over troubled water. Sure to lift your spirits, swimming pool bridges will revamp the appearance of any bland backyard, and bring an element of creativity and charm to your private abode.

Depending on personal preference, homeowners can opt for the classic arched bridge design, or a more contemporary choice such as a flat concrete slab or series of wooden panels.

Consider constructing a bridge at the deep end of your pool. This way, your new outdoor feature will provide an alternative platform from which to dive into the water, creating fun for both adults and kids alike.


Fairy lights

A fairly cost-effective and low-key addition to your backyard, a string of fairly lights can transform your garden from something plain and simple into an enchanting and wondrous sight. Drape some small twinkling lights in rows across the pool, and turn the entire space into a magical paradise. The string of lights will make stunning reflections over your pool, creating an exquisite sight and a magical swimming experience at night.

Creating magic in the outdoors is an achievable task, even for those less gifted in the handiwork craft. Simply string a row of lights across tree branches or any other strong anchors in the garden, such as lighting fixtures or umbrellas.


Adding the perfect finishing touches to your pool area will create a garden setting sure to differentiate your home from most others. By displaying flair and creativity in the backyard, your magical garden will stand out from the crowd, and surprise and delight visitors with varied tastes in outdoor décor.

Sophie Deutsch

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