Newly renovated home utilises high-end aesthetic of SlimWall modular boundary fencing

7 February 2018

A newly renovated home needed a sleek boundary fence that complemented the modern aesthetic of their beautiful, finished home. SlimWall offered a slim, premium solution to the tight-dimensional space. The product was first suggested by architects who specialise in seamlessly integrating new and old aesthetics of landscaping and design, to create a timeless, fresh look….

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Colourful, quiet and safe – a neighbour pleasing solution for a childcare centre

29 June 2017

Our client, a childcare centre, was looking for a way to protect their residential neighbours from lively playground noise. They wanted a colourful, fun and aesthetically pleasing wall that would both complement the existing playground and appeal to the children. The wall also needed to incorporate retaining functions in certain places. Using a combination of…

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Playing in peace – a quiet childcare centre on a busy road

28 April 2017

A childcare business came to us looking for an effective acoustic barrier. Their new centre was being built on a busy road, and the council insisted that the project required some acoustic fencing to minimise the impact of noise. The company building the centre wanted a solution that would also keep the road noise out…

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TrendWall boundary fence provides noise pollution solution

14 September 2016

A boundary fence was required between a new residential housing development and a childcare centre. To adhere to stringent noise controls by the local council, architects requested the fence had strong acoustic properties. Being a commercial project, the developers were also looking for a cost-effective solution that was aesthetically pleasing. The client opted for TrendWall,…

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Elegant personalised SlimWall delivers peace, quiet and privacy

9 September 2016

Our client’s timber-frame fence, which sat along the boundary line between his home and his neighbour’s property, had fallen into a state of severe disrepair. A solution was needed that would minimise noise and give privacy. The SlimWall was chosen due to its strong acoustic properties and excellent aesthetic appearance. Unlike traditional timber fencing that…

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A good night’s sleep for supermarket neighbours

29 July 2016

Noise from a busy supermarket loading dock was disturbing local residents late into the night, and the client came to us looking for a way to cut down the decibels for the benefit of its neighbours. After consulting with an acoustic engineer, they wanted a customised acoustic shield fitting to the top of the pre-cast…

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Quiet, tasteful and stylish – new fencing for wine superstore

28 July 2016

When plans went in for a new wine and spirits superstore in a residential area, the council demanded that the design include an acoustic fence to protect the local community from the noise. The client came to us looking for something that would both fit in with the aesthetics of the landscape and match the…

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