Protecting pedestrians and cutting noise at new bypass

28 April 2017

We were called in to deliver a dual-purpose wall, to separate a new bypass from a residential area. The project required a solution that would minimise road noise for the houses backing onto the bypass, whilst keeping pedestrians safe from the busy road. It was a big project (1.2 miles) that needed to be delivered…

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Maximising profits and enhancing properties at new development

6 December 2016

A property developer was looking for retaining walls and acoustic walls as part of a new residential project. The client wanted to separate out the different divisions of the site, and needed a solution that would look just as good as the concepts on the marketing materials. As the site was located next to a…

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A smarter wall solution for ALDI supermarket

2 May 2016

When ‘smarter shopping’ supermarket ALDI were building a new store, they came to us looking for a high-quality acoustic barrier. The new store was in a residential area, and ALDI needed a solution to protect local residents from unwanted noise pollution from the car park and loading dock. After consulting with an acoustic engineer, they…

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New Farm State School

Cutting school noise following community concerns

29 April 2016

When a school received noise complaints from the local community, it immediately took action and got in touch with our team. The school had originally been built in 1901, but had grown significantly. Neighbouring residents began to complain about noise from the playground and classrooms. The school wanted a maintenance-free wall that would fit in…

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