Another happy SlimWall customer


Thinking of upgrading that old timber or metal fence for a new designer SlimWall, but still unsure? Understandably upgrading to a new fence for any customer can be a daunting decision and one that is not made lightly. Many customers may be skeptical or hesitant to believe in the new and innovative – and would rather stick with the what has gone before. Here is the honest scoop on a SlimWall fence from a customer who had one recently installed.

“My old fence was really daggy, it was really ugly and it was propped up with support and in strong wind I thought it might fall over. Now that the SlimWall has been installed the biggest difference I’ve noticed is obviously the look. It’s 100% better than what it was. It’s really streamlined. And lots of neighbours have commented on how good it looks.” Erin Wagner, Ruse NSW





Watch the video for the complete interview with Erin.

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