8 Water Feature Ideas For Your Outdoor Area

wall-feature-tableThere’s a sense of ‘zenness’ we experience from being by the water. The mind feels rejuvenated, the body feels relaxed, and the soul feels cleansed.

Unfortunately, however, we don’t all reside by a vast seascape or near a still, serene lake. Nor do most of us have the privilege of owning a backyard swimming pool. But there are other ways to incorporate elements of the ocean’s waves into your very own backyard. The following creative water feature ideas can bring a sense of tranquillity, peace and beauty to your private abode.



  1. Piano Fountain

An old piano with water streaming out of its ivory keys is a one-of-a-kind piece sure to differentiate your garden from most others. Bill Metzgar, the creative soul who devised this marvellous invention, turned an 1885 steinway piano into a magnificent fountain. To complete his work of art, Bill added gorgeous red and pink flowers sprouting out of the piano’s soundboard as some final touches.  You can read more about Bill’s creative piece here.

This idea is an incredibly unique way to repurpose a piano that is beyond repair. If you’re not bothered by some wear and tear from the natural elements, consider putting your old piano to good use by transforming it into a magnificent fountain feature. The piano fountain is suitable for those with a larger yard – after all, a grand piano is rather grand and will occupy a good portion of your garden. If you’re the proud owner of a smaller backyard, then read on for further ideas…


  1. Tea Pot Fountain

Love your tea and all tea-related paraphernalia? Then why not bring your passion for tea from the kitchen to the garden by creating this old corrugated iron teapot and whiskey barrel fountain? With the addition of this unique and creative water feature, your garden will function as a real reflection of the inner you and your love for a freshly brewed cuppa tea.

In addition, you can spruce up the surroundings with some delicate pansies, marigolds, or large-flowered striking plant. The tea pot fountain is self-contained within the whiskey barrel, and will therefore have minimal impact on the garden surroundings. Find a full list of instructions on how to create the tea pot fountain here.



  1. Old Flower Pots

Recycle and repurpose your old flower pots into an interesting and striking outdoor water feature. Simple in design, the clay pot water feature creates a rustic, homey feel, perfect for country living or for those who wish to bring an element of rusticity into their city backyard. Consider adding some pebbles or flowers to create some extra interest, and brighten the overall effect.

Detailed instructions for construction can be attained from The Happy Homebodies.



  1. The Canoe Pond

Bring a fun, nautical theme to your backyard with this innovative canoe water feature. By creating a gentle pond with fertile plants that occupy the space of a canoe, you will add a touch of playfulness and flair to your backyard space. The canoe pond is self-contained within its own structure, and will therefore be of minimal disruption to nearby plants.

Bear in mind that this type of water feature is probably best for those with a larger yard – the canoe pond can take up a fair amount of space, and you’ll want sufficient additional garden space to roam and enjoy the tranquillity that the pond provides.

An array of native birdlife may also be drawn to your canoe, allowing you to enjoy the pleasant sound of chirping birds in your peaceful garden. Consider adding plants that survive well in water, such as lily pads, Chinese evergreens, arrowheads or English ivies.



  1. Bamboo Bucket Fountain

Add an oriental touch to your backyard with this delicate bamboo bowl. The gentle spilling of water into the natural wood bucket will create a calming focal point for onlookers. The feature is also fairly straightforward to construct, and perfect for gardens that are small in size and unable to accommodate a larger fountain or pond feature. The bamboo bowl can be placed on any backyard table, bench, or nestled within a garden bed.



  1. Simple Urn Fountain

Small in size but bold in appearance, the urn fountain is a stunning addition to any garden setting. Serving as a beautiful focal point against a backdrop of greenery, the fountain will create a pleasant and inviting environment for local fauna, luring in birds that desire sips of cold, refreshing water on those scorching hot summer days.

The urn can also be painted in any colour of choosing – select blue, brown, green or grey to blend in with the overall colour scheme of your outdoor area. This water feature should be constructed on a flat block of land, and can be completed within one weekend. A detailed list of instructions for construction can be found here.


  1. Spiral Spray

Bring an element of flair and originality to your backyard with this copper fountain spray. The effect and amount of spray can be tailored to suit your personal preference – smaller holes will produce a large spray effect, while larger holes will result in a free-flowing stream of water. For a step-by-step outline on how to create a spiral spray water feature, refer to these instructions.

If placing your spiral spray near grass or a row of plants, this feature can be an innovative way to water nearby vegetation. Functioning as your very own irrigation watering system, the spiral spray can be shaped into any structure or design that your creative heart desires.



  1. Rain Chain

Transform an ordinary garden into an extraordinary one by designing and constructing your own rain chain. Hung from a gutter, this water feature allows raindrops to drizzle down its chains into the ground below. The rain chain of spoons is a clever and innovative way to deal with the issue of runoff, whilst integrating a creative twist into your backyard. What was once an annoying downpour of runoff from the gutter can be transformed into the pleasant sound of trickling water.

Not a fan of spoons? Consider substituting this kitchen utensil for another of your choosing. Copper rings, a combination of bent forks and spoons, or terra cotta pots are all excellent choices of material for creating a rain chain. Pick the material that suits your personality and garden design best, and tap into your creative side. Soon you will have a rain chain that may tinkle in the wind, or when water drips down from incoming rainfall, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and calm. 


Peace and serenity in your garden can be achieved by opting for a simple and creative water solution. Gone are the days when it was necessary to install a lavish fountain that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Now you can listen to the gentle trickling of water and experience peace and serenity through these innovative, simple and playful solutions.

Sophie Deutsch

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